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Espresso is a powerful theme framework designed from the ground up to be fast, secure and easy to modify using child themes. You can use Espresso to power as many sites as you like with no extra cost. Espresso is built using the template part system in WordPress. You can change every aspect of Espresso just by creating php files in your child theme.

Espresso Features

  • Multiple Layout Options for Header, Content and Footer Areas
  • Easy-to-Use UI for Theme Customizations
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Updates via Automated Updates
  • Optimized for WordPress 3.1+
  • SEO Optimized and Developed to Work with WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast
  • Custom Image Sizes with Image Regeneration Support
  • Custom CSS and Styling Options
  • 7 Widgetized Areas (one in the header, two in the sidebar, four in the footer)
  • Multiple Shortcodes and more

Header, Content and Footer Layouts

Espresso is packed with layout options that you can change with a simple click of a radio button. The Header and Footer layouts are sitewide options, but Content layouts can be changed on individual pages or posts. Espresso has 6 Header layout options, 6 Content layout options and 7 Footer layout options.


Espresso is an HTML5 theme based on the 960 grid system. It uses both the 12-column and 16-column grid. Espresso is also bundled with styles to go from 960 to fluid (aka fullscreen) and then all the way back down to mobile devices. This functionality is not activated by default but can easily be set up by a child theme developer.

Espresso Beans

What the heck are Espresso Beans? Espresso comes with this really awesome feature for child theme developers. You can load php into WordPress without having to create a functions.php or even worrying about what hook to load your files on. Espresso looks for a folder called Beans in a child theme. If it finds a php file marked as a Bean inside that folder, it automatically loads it at after Espresso’s basic setup has run. This makes it easy to extend Espresso with widgets, extra layouts or any other custom code. Basically you can build a mini framework of your own to run with Espresso.

Support Available with Any Purchase

Do you have questions about using Espresso or one of our other free themes to build your website? Purchase any theme or the Pro Package to receive forum support for Espresso and our free child themes, as well as the theme or theme package you’ve purchased.