WordCamp Boston 2011: Day One

Today started very different from my usual Saturdays. I’m a developer by trade, and in my case that means I work late nights and sleep as late as I can. Today however was the first day of WordCamp Boston, which means I was up and on the road by 7am. Four of us carpooled down to Boston and arrived at registration shortly after 8am, all of us excited to hear what was happening in the world of WordPress.

First I’ve got to mention, the organization of the event was excellent. I’ve been to a few conferences and everything at WordCamp was done perfectly. The name badges doubled as a map, event schedule, and WiFi signup instructions. I absolutely love when at the start of a conference there is no confusion, and the organizers pulled it off.

At 9am the sessions started, each one being 45 minutes long with a 15 minutes (give or take) in between. All the talks I saw were very informative and some of them down right fun. Now with three sessions going on at the same time there are tons of topics I missed. The fine people at WordCamp Boston and the presenters have come to my rescue by recording video of each session and offering their slides online. Two of my favorite sessions were “Theming & Mobile: Optimizing your WordPress site for Various Devices” by Sara Cannon and “Advanced Theme Performance Techniques” by Frederick Townes.

I’ll update this post when I have links for all the videos and slides. Right now I’m simply trying to taking everything in from today. I’d call day one a complete success.

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